A Considered Approach

A Considered Approach

This is an exciting new phase for us and ultimately for those that buy the homes we build.

Our sustainability journey is about continuing to broaden our focus on every detail of the design and development process. We are constantly evolving our approach to optimise our properties’ environmental efficiencies and minimise the footprint we leave long into the future.

Fundamentally, our approach is authentic, meaningful, and measurable. It is a holistic one that looks at sustainability from a social, economic, and environmental perspective.

What We Are Doing

What We Are Doing

Steps we are already taking include:

  • Implementing a far-reaching range of initiatives using the core principles of industry-leading accreditation programs.
  • We partner with industry-leading architecture firms to ensure our buildings employ the most current and innovative sustainable architecture principles in their design. 
  • The locations we choose are fundamental to delivering a sustainable outcome. Their proximity to urban and lifestyle amenity governs how people travel within their community and to work. Having amenities and transport within close walking distance is a crucial feature of all of our projects.
  • Our buildings’ designs naturally promote ecologically sustainable development, e.g. site selection and solar orientation.
  • All buildings are purposefully designed to ensure the most extended lifespan possible, thereby minimising future waste.
  • We manage our properties long after their completion to ensure they run as effectively and efficiently as possible in terms of energy (solar for common area power) and water consumption (irrigation systems).
  • Our long-term commitment to managing our buildings post-delivery also ensures their life is extended.
  • We are using Holcim’s ECOPactZero concrete on select projects, achieving an embodied carbon reduction of 30-60% without the use of offsets. We expect this to become the concrete of choice for all Mosaic projects in the near future.
  • We are examining how we can help future-proof our projects – those currently being delivered and those in our future pipeline – in terms of EV charging. While several developments currently under construction do cater to this, we are presently bedding down the detail of how we can provision for EV charging across all developments by providing the backbone infrastructure. This is a significant exercise to ensure the buildings’ main switchboard allows charging (which will also require the management of peak energy use loads within these buildings).
  • Sustainable materials are used wherever possible, for example, double glazing to windows and doors, recycled aluminium in our windows and doors, and the careful selection of a vast array of other building materials and products that come from low-carbon, recycled, or high percentage recycled materials.
  • Ceiling fans in bedrooms, smart and effective design that encourages cross ventilation and appropriate solar protection, along with oversized high-performance windows and doors, minimise the use of air conditioning. 
  • We only use the most recognised, energy-efficient air-conditioning brands.
  • We have stringent environmental controls on our construction sites to manage runoff and ensure no contamination leaves the site and enters waterways.
  • Our Brisbane headquarters at The Eminence is a 4.5-star Green Star building and will soon receive a 5-star certification. It has won highly esteemed awards for its industry-leading approach to sustainable design.
Our Ongoing Evolution

Our Ongoing Evolution

We acknowledge there is a long way to go, and the evolution for us will be constant. We remain steadfastly committed to the vital role we play in transitioning to a more sustainable, low-carbon, resource-efficient economy through our own business practices.

We are excited about what’s to come on this journey for us and for our customers and look forward to sharing our continuing evolution with you.

Our Story

Established in 2004 by Brook Monahan and rebranded in 2012 with co-founder Dave Handley, the privately owned, Brisbane-based Mosaic Property Group is one of Queensland’s most awarded and highly regarded boutique residential property developers.