An Enduring Commitment to Delivery

There is no doubt customers take a giant leap of faith when committing their money and dreams to a promise yet to be delivered. We are acutely aware of this.

For this reason, our entire business structure is built around our customers and, most importantly, our ability to always deliver on the promises we make to them.

Mosaic stands well apart from most developers in that we manage every aspect of the development process.

We do not relinquish key responsibilities, processes, or controls to third parties. Doing so mitigates the most critical and substantial risks associated with quality and delivery certainty.

Our approach has seen 60 developments, including numerous award-winning projects, successfully delivered since 2014 alone. We have delivered through multiple cycles and downturns dating back to 2004. Not once have we failed to complete every development we have released.

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2022 Construction Awards

Winner – Apartment Complex of the Year – Elan by Mosaic, HIA Regional Awards; Winner – Apartment of the Year – The Henry by Mosaic, HIA QLD Awards; Winner- Project of the Year – First Bay by Mosaic, MBQ Regional Awards; Winner- Winner – Residential Building (over 3 storeys) >$20m – First Bay by Mosaic, MBQ Regional Awards; Finalist- Construction Excellence – Avalon by Mosaic, UDIA Qld Awards; Finalist- Finalist – Apartment Complex of the Year, Elan by Mosaic, HIA Queensland State Awards; Finalist – Apartment Complex of the Year, The Henry by Mosaic, HIA QLD Awards

2023 Construction Awards

Winner – Apartment Complex of the Year - Grace by Mosaic, HIA Gold Coast & Northern Rivers Awards; National Finalist – Development of the Year - High Density – The Patterson by Mosaic, The Urban Developer National Awards for Industry Excellence; National Finalist – Best Residential Development – Avalon by Mosaic, Property Council of Australia Awards for Excellence and Innovation

Why Mosaic Construction

Why Mosaic Construction

Our unwavering commitment to delivering on our promise to our customers led us to establish our own construction arm that only builds Mosaic product.

By taking this step, we eliminated the magnitude of risks that can arise during construction.

It also means the interests of both developer (Mosaic Property Group) and the construction arm (Mosaic Construction) are closely aligned.

Further, the same core values and key objectives bind us. This is no small point; it is the most crucial point.

Very few, if any, other developers do what we do to the same extent. While it is not easy, we do it because our customers, and the faith they put in us, are at the heart of everything we do.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Significant risk exposure mitigation.
  • Industry-leading construction methodology; continually striving for better delivery models that ensure quality and safety.
  • Delivery quality is aligned with Mosaic’s high expectations.
  • Cost saving and risk mitigation by ensuring all design elements are resolved before construction commencement and sub-contractors are fully committed to a fixed price.
  • Up-to-the-minute details are available at all times.
  • Mosaic manages all of its developments for many years after completion. Our commitment to building quality is integral to our business model and success.

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