Video Testimonials

“Living next door to a site under development is a difficult and daunting time however we were fortunate that early in the process we made contact with Dave Handley who was extremely respectful and helpful from the very first meeting. Dave, along with the site supervisor Dan and Chris who manages community engagement for Mosaic, were available to answer our questions and always did what they promised right through to the final clean. Having a point of contact and someone to communicate with made addressing any concerns we had along the way a lot easier.”


“Living next to a development can be quite a daunting experience and my partner and I were quite concerned in the beginning. However, after we contacted Mosaic Property Group we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. In terms of engagement, we had open communication with Mosaic throughout the entire construction phase and all of our concerns were addressed and resolved. Privacy was initially concern of ours due to the proximity of the development and after discussing this with Mosaic they worked with us to find a solution that ensured we weren’t disadvantaged and allowed us to continue to enjoy our home and backyard as a family. We found that the site was well managed and was sensitive towards the neighbours during the hours of working. We have been more than happy with our experience with Mosaic and they have gone above and beyond our expectations.”