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Grace by Mosaic – Sustainably Designed for Life

Mosaic Property

We actively analysed and deeply assessed every aspect of Grace by Mosaic's design and development, identifying genuine, measurable opportunities to ensure we set the highest standards and delivered the best outcomes for purchasers and the environment.

We have implemented a wide-ranging, comprehensive schedule of initiatives at Grace by Mosaic, the extent of which far exceeds legislative requirements.

Read on to learn more about the tangible steps we have taken to deliver an address as sustainable as it is beautiful.


  • Alternative Cement Product: Grace by Mosaic used ECO-Pact, Holcim’s carbon-neutral concrete. A first for Australia, it reduces the embodied carbon of ready-mix concrete by 100%.
  • Low VOC Products (Low emission): All materials used were evaluated on their VOC ratings.
  • Hazardous Materials: All materials were evaluated on their content and purpose.
  • Recycled Material Use: Wherever possible, we used recycled materials, such as aluminium for window frames and glazing.

Location Identification

  • Site Selection: Grace by Mosaic’s prime Second Avenue location is fundamental to delivering a sustainable outcome. It’s walking distance proximity to a wide range of urban and lifestyle amenities, including 40m to the proposed Burleigh Heads Light Rail stop. This supports Residents in reducing private vehicle use.


  • High-Performance Insulation: We have exceeded building requirements by using high-performance insulation in external walls and roofs to keep the building at a consistent temperature and to control acoustics. We have also insulated services such as hot water to reduce heat loss.
  • Passive Design: Grace by Mosaic incorporates features such as sun hoods, sun shading fins and blades, slab and wall projections, and screening to reduce the impact of the external elements on the residents.
  • Rooftop Solar Power Generation: 75 solar panels are installed on Grace by Mosaic’s rooftop to support power generation that supplements and reduces the energy requirements from the grid.
  • High-Performance Double Glazing: Our double glazing is manufactured using the latest technology and significantly reduces the impact of the external elements, thereby reducing the need for mechanical cooling and heating systems.
  • Efficient Cooling & Heating Systems: Our mechanical cooling and heating systems are designed to suit each apartment size and type, using energy-efficient equipment. We only use the most recognised, energy-efficient brands.

  • Sub-Metering & Monitoring: Apartments are sub-metered using smart meters that allow residents to monitor daily consumption of both hot water and electricity.
  • Efficient Lighting Systems: LED lighting is used where possible to reduce energy consumption.
  • Smart Operating Systems: We have incorporated timers, sensors, and programming to ensure lights are only on when they are needed in common areas and the basement.
  • Efficient Central Hot Water System: Considered calculations were performed to help determine the most energy-efficient water heating system for Grace by Mosaic.
  • Passive Shading & Natural Ventilation: We have reduced the amount of mechanical cooling and heating required. This is done by a stepped-in northern facade and slab projections providing sun-shading. Oversized windows and doors also promote maximum natural airflow.
  • High-Performance Lifts: The energy created from a descending lift is used to power the next ascending lift.

Water Consumption

  • Pool Water Evaporation Reduction: Grace by Mosaic’s pool is protected from the prevailing winds and includes timers on water features to reduce evaporation rates.
  • Efficient Pumps & Filters: Efficient pumps and filters are used to reduce unnecessary water consumption.
  • Smart Irrigation Systems: A smart irrigation system monitors weather, soil conditions, evaporation, and plant water use to automatically adjust the garden watering schedule to the actual conditions of the site.
  • Efficient Fixtures & Appliances: The Star energy and WELS ratings are considered when selecting pump fixtures.


  • Design Partners: Our partnership with an industry-leading design firm BDA Architecture has ensured Grace by Mosaic employs the most current and innovative sustainable architecture principles in its design.
  • Architecture: Grace by Mosaic’s designs naturally promotes ecologically sustainable development, taking into account the site’s solar orientation. All apartments feature north east facing balconies to encourage indoor/outdoor interactions. The north and east facades are also open and transparent to maximise natural light and ventilation. In addition, the stepped northern facade provides privacy view corridors and sun shading.

Eco Systems

  • Landscape Design: We have incorporated wide-ranging and generous landscaped areas, including 140sqm of deep planting on the ground level. In addition, planter boxes of differing depths and trellises assist in improving air quality and micro-climatic cooling.
  • Species Selection: We have been meticulous in sourcing and selecting drought-resistant plants suited to the local environment with a focus on curating local native species wherever possible.

Air Quality

  • CO Monitoring: CO monitors are installed in the basement in order to observe air quality and ensure it remains a healthy standard for residents.
  • Naturally Ventilated Car Park: We have reduced the need for mechanical intervention in the car park by incorporating natural ventilation solutions into the design.
  • Apartment Internal Performance Levels: Apartments are thoughtfully designed, with systems to help ensure optimal air quality and flow, including oversized windows and doors, moisture management to prevent mould, and the use of low VOC and formaldehyde products.


  • Engagement: We showed respect for the local community by proactively engaging with our neighbours throughout the design and development, and construction process.
  • Amenity: Relative to scale, Grace by Mosaic provides generous on-site resident amenities to help nurture a sense of community.
  • Education: At handover, a welcome pack was provided to residents with details on how to best use the building and their apartment in the most sustainable way.

Waste Management

  • Construction Waste Recycling & Reuse: Where possible, construction waste was sent to a licenced recycler or considered for reuse on the site as soil or topsoil.
  • Waste Management Planning: We considered how to best reduce and manage the potential waste generated during Grace by Mosaic’s construction and the life of the building.
  • Separate General & Recycling Bins: Dedicated bins are provided to separate waste on-site for recycling.


  • Bicycle Parking: We have provided ample bike parking for residents and guests. There is also a designated bike storage space in each apartment.
  • Walk Score: Grace by Mosaic enjoys excellent walkability to public transport and amenity. The proposed Burleigh Heads Light Rail stop is only 40m away, while the Third Avenue bus stop is 70m away. There is a range of restaurants, parks, and retail located less than 1km from Grace.

Our  Journey

At Mosaic, we know that sustainable construction doesn’t end when the building is completed; the building itself should reduce the impact on the environment over its lifespan. 

The result is an exemplary collection of homes that look and feel amazing while at the same time being friendlier to the environment and community.

Please click here for more information on Mosaic’s holistic approach to sustainable development.