A Current Affair – Great northern migration underway as Aussies move north to escape housing affordability crisis

Amy Petty

Whilst A Current Affair does not typically cover demographic trend stories, this is a story worth watching about the great migration to Queensland…

Click here to read the full-story including the video on 9news.com.

“A great northern migration is underway as families flee the housing affordability crisis to start anew in sunny Queensland.

It’s a narrative being pushed with gusto by the state government, and it has seen more than 20,000 people move to the state’s booming south-east region last year.

The Lamb family are one of those planning their move to the Sunshine State.

Parents Nicolette and Julian and their three daughters made the decision after watching their rental Sydney home sell for more than $1 million and realising they would never be in a position to buy.

They were hoping to find a house for about half that price in Queensland’s south-east.”

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