Welcome to the first construction update for Summit on View, Mt Gravatt

Kerry Croaker

Summit on View, Mt Gravatt – Construction Update

We love to keep everyone in the loop about what we are doing at Mosaic – and since first and foremost, we are a developer of quality boutique properties, construction updates are a major part of our communication.

This is the place to follow our different developments and to have front row seats to watch our various building’s take shape.

Construction officially commenced on site on Monday 23 June for View on Summit. However, the builder was periodically on site in the previous week, proactively preparing for construction.  Whilst work has only been underway for around a fortnight, we are very happy with the start the builder has made. Not only have they almost completed the civil earthworks, but they have also excavated and poured the bored piers at the front of the site, which will ultimately support the front wall of the basement. While it is only early days, we are certainly off to a great start.

Temporary site services such as protective fencing, builder’s power supply, temporary water supply etc. have been established, along with the temporary site offices. Barring any unforeseen delays, during the coming month the civil earthworks should be completed, with the final cut approximately 6m below the natural ground level at its deepest point.

The start of any construction project sees a great deal of action happening at ground level, to ensure sound foundations for the building to follow. Screw-piers will be installed at the rear of the site to anchor the footings below the rear apartment slab down deep into the earth and to assist with transferring the loads of the structure above to bridge over the existing sewer line. Once these are installed, basement slab strip footings will be poured, slab form work will be erected, services will be roughed in and steel fixing will be completed. And then finally, the basement slab will be poured.

Our next update will be in about 4 weeks’ time. Of course if you have any questions at all in the meantime, please feel free to contact our office on 1300 336 989.

1. Photo taken from eastern corner of site2. Photo looking across at excavation
3. Photo showing truck entering site & piling maching in cornerView from the rear eastern corner of the lot, with site offices visible in the left hand corner and heavy earthmoving equipment in the background.

Earthworks in action. Notice the amount of material already removed from the site which is evidenced by the obvious cut along the side and front boundary.
Truck entering site ready for loading and disposal of excess earth, and the large piling machine standing to the right of the photo.

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